10 Exercises That Burn More Fat Than Running

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Running has long been considered to be the most effective fat-burning exercises, and at the same time, it is an excellent cardio exercise, and stimulates the heart to pump more blood. Yet, running has one disadvantage, as it represents a high-impact exercise which applies too much pressure on the feet, thighs and knees.

Moreover, running burns 10 calories a minute, so it can easily be substituted with other exercises which may burn even more calories.

However, note that you should choose exercises that target different body areas, in order to tone different body muscles. It is of high importance that you leave some time for the muscles to recover as well.

The following 10 exercises can be as effective as running, and they will help you burn excess fat and keep your body in a perfect condition.

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1. Bike Sprints

Bike Sprints

Bike sprints are great for beginners, as well as for people who have not exercised regularly. Pedal the fastest you can for a minute, and then slow down for another minute or two. For best results, alternate between a cruising speed and a sprinting speed.

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