Disgusting Reasons To Never Eat Tilapia Again

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Tilapia is an easy choice when it comes to picking a fish meal in America. It is cheap, you can buy it both skinless and boneless, you cannot overcook it, and it does not have that distinguishing fishy taste. To be more precise, tilapia does not come with all the common problems of other fish varieties, which is the main reason why people like it.

Unfortunately, what you do not know is that the tilapia you eat is not caught in the wild, but it is farmed. Almost no restaurant or grocery store offers wild tilapia. Farming is going on a large scale, and thousands of fish are harvested every day.

What worries experts most is the fact that the food is not natural. In the wild, tilapia eat algae and lake plants. Farmers feed the fish with soy pellets and GMO corn so they can get fatter.

Healthy fish oil is the reason why tilapia is good for our health, and farmed tilapia lacks such oils. But, the list of disadvantages does not end here. Here are several reasons to help you understand why farmed tilapia is bad for your health.

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1. Inflammation


Latest studies confirm that farmed tilapia can cause and increase inflammation. It is an absolute favorite when it comes to buying fish, mostly because it is inexpensive and available, so you need to be aware of it is ability to cause inflammation.

Another research suggests that tilapia can increase the inflammation, and thus trigger other adverse health problems associated with asthma, heart disease, and arthritis. People believe that they get their omega-3 fats from the oils in tilapia which helps in decreasing the risk of heart attack, but reality shows something else. Farmed tilapia affects inflammation worse than bacon and hamburgers.

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